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A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business

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  • New and used computers
  • Computer recycling services

We can help colleges and universities optimize their organizational structure and degree offerings.  Contact me for details.


Carlile Computers, LLC, is the premier training company in south Texas for computer, networking, and security training.  I have the only company in the area offering computer, networking, and security training courses and the only company offering a comprehensive network security program that includes certifications.  If you want an alternative to the prices charged by other companies, check my prices; you will see they are lower.  Courses and prices are available on the Courses and Programs page.  See the Training page for details.

"Cybersecurity" is currently in the news nearly every day.  When you think of "cybersecurity" training, you usually think about stringing together a series of high-priced courses at a number of companies.  I have a complete program that takes you from critical thinking all the way to Stack Canaries.  I am accepting registrations for network security courses.  If you are interested, see the Training page and click on the e-mail link to send me a message. Prices have never been lower.

If you have employees who need Network+ or Security+ training, email me to see if I can come to your location this summer (middle of May through beginning of August).

Take this quick ten-question survey about computer, networking, and security training.

I invite Texas state leadership (legislative, executive, and education) to contact me to discuss my proposal to secure all Texas schools.

Click on Security for important information about rogue antivirus scams

I have several used items for sale. If you live in the Devine, TX area and are looking to replace some part or need another hard drive to add more storage space, check the Used Computers page.

San Antonio is fast becoming a "cyber" security city. To get into the exciting field of computer and network security requires you to have many technical skills. Learn these skills with us. To sign up for an upcoming class, email me.

Many organizations need to hire information technology professionals who have one or more industry certifications, such as A+, Network+, or Security+. The federal government also requires all its information technology professionals to possess these certifications. Courses to prepare for the exams can be quite expensive. At Carlile Computers LLC, you get training for these certifications, and more, and spend less money. Details on courses offered are on the Courses and Programs page.

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